Shimeji Mushrooms aka Keto Crack

The title might seem strange but this stuff is addictive. I was a having a case of the empty fridges and shimeji mushrooms and an eggplant were the only things left. And I will never look back - I could eat this forever. The mushrooms have a really rich, nutty flavour. Personally I think these mushrooms would work brilliantly with seafood because their umami flavour is almost "fishy". The mixture of these mushrooms and eggplant is probably my favourite vegetable combo. 

Meal Suggestions: 

  • pork chops and keto crack
  • steak and keto crack
  • shimeji mushrooms in Thai soup
  • keto crack served over a bunless burger
  • keto crack and pork belly 
  • shimeji mushrooms in a stir fry
  • meatball casserole with shimeji mushrooms 
  • Pecan flour fried chicken pieces with keto crack


  • shimeji mushrooms
  • eggplant
  • butter/garlic butter
  • salt & pepper

There are no specific measurements for this - 50/50 works just fine but any ratio would work as well. 

To prepare the mushrooms: Wipe the mushrooms clean with a damp cloth. Slice the bottom (the root area) of the mushroom bunches off. You can separate them or leave them in bunches. 

To prepare the eggplant: Dice the eggplant and place the cubes on an old dish towel. Sprinkle salt all over them. Then put a second dish towel over the top and put a bread board over that. Let this sit for 20 - 40 minutes. Conventionally the salt is used to extract the bitter liquid of the eggplant before cooking it - I find that doing this leaves you with less "mush". Trying to cook freshly sliced eggplant will result in a very watery end product. 

Once prepared, fry everything in garlic butter until the eggplant is cooked through. This takes about 10 minutes but it depends on the size of the cubes. 

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