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Welcome to my food blog! Things you will find here: many recipes, delicious food, weight loss stories, some bad language, a little bit of snark, and probably a lot of selfies. Things you won't find here: carbs.

My name is Elizabeth, my mom always called me "LittleBit" and in 2016, when I started doing keto, "alittlebitofketo" was born. I am a 31 year old South African. I have type 2 diabetes and PCOS. I'm a self-employed artist and instructional designer, nail polish addict, Boston Terrier mom and my husband and I also have two cats. I have lost 30 kg's since changing my way of life. I started documenting my journey to getting healthy on Instagram with the intention of having something to keep me accountable and something unexpected happened: I rediscovered my love of cooking, in a huge way.

I have always loved cooking but when I was diagnosed with diabetes and started eating low carb I found myself in a situation where I could create NEW food. Food that had all the comforts of old favourites without the carbs. This is not my first food blog, but it's definitely the one I am most excited about. I hope that my love of cooking low carb food can inspire others and help people realise that a Low Carb High Fat way of eating doesn't have to be boring and limiting.

Note about my recipes: I do encourage people to count their carbs and their macros but I do lazy keto. When I started keto I was counting everything and tracking everything and I learned how to listen to my body about when I have had enough to eat and I learned what 20g of carbs looks like over the course of a day. However, I am doing keto for life, and I don't find tracking to be sustainable for me because it causes a certain level of obsession and for this to work for me… it needs to be sustainable. I will sometimes include full macros, but please don't expect it with every recipe.

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