How to do keto when it feels like life is trying to sabotage you

Keto is not easy. Such a huge lifestyle change is never going to be easy, even when everything is in your favour, it's quite an adjustment. Now imagine if your life suddenly decides to start doing some internal sabotaging. Work gets crazy, you are studying full time, you have a new baby, or you have to spend lots of time away from home for whatever reason.

There are many ways you could suddenly find yourself facing the choice of life or new "diet". I've been pretty lucky so far, I work from home, don't have kids and when I started keto I had a lot of time to experiment with new food. But I am more the exception than the rule.

A few people have asked me how to fit keto into a busy lifestyle. This is a list of ways to simplify keto and ways to manage a new way of life when you just don't have time. Keto hacks. This list is not all inclusive, and should be used as a guide, rather than a list of absolutes to follow

Chicken Skin & Bacon Chips

Do you miss potato chips and all the other crispy, delicious, carb-filled things? I do. I don't actually miss those things, but sometimes I would kill for crunchy food. Crispy, crunchy deliciousness to eat with sour cream dip, guacamole, or chicken liver pâté.

Pork crackling is an appropriately crunchy snack, but it's not everyone's cup of tea, and not always easy to source or make. Bacon is usually a staple in keto houses and chicken skins are relatively easy to get hold of. Each time I make chicken soup, I remove the skins before using the chicken. They can both be turned into crunchy bite sized chips. 

You will need:

  • bacon, the fattier the better
  • chicken skin
  • 2 baking trays, preferably one large one and one smaller one
  • baking paper
  • a heavy oven safe pot
  • kitchen scissors
  • salt, pepper & any other spice of choice

Keto Basics: In My Kitchen

There are a lot of resources available for keto shopping lists and pantry staples. I will list some of them at the end of this post. This post is a list of what's in my kitchen, the food I buy, the appliances I couldn't live without, and my cooking staples.

This is a very long list, I have been collecting my staples for many years and not everything is used regularly. Because of this, I will use a key to indicate the food I use regularly. Remember, this is just the list of foods that works for me. I could probably trim this down a lot and still make nice keto food. If you are just starting your ketogenic journey, I would recommend doing an inventory of what you already have and if any of it is keto friendly. Next, decide which part of cooking is most important for you.  If it's being able to cook quickly and meal prep then maybe your staples are foods that keep well. You'll need good Tupperware that can be put in the freezer, and flavours you won't get bored of. If your priority is good value for less cost; minimise your spices to a few basics, figure out which cuts of meat are the best value for money, buy in bulk.I enjoy baking and using spices, so my priorities are making sure I always have these ingredients on hand, keeping my spice rack stocked, and having small dishes to freeze small batches of baked goods in. We also keep good cuts of meat in the freezer as well as easy to throw together lunch foods.

Pecan Flour

A lot of my recipes use pecan flour as the keto friendly flour replacement. I accidentally discovered this magical stuff last year when my friend started selling pecan oil. I was a bit sceptical at first because I was not previously a fan of pecans. Boy was I ever wrong. This flour bakes so well and, in my opinion, the flavour complements other flavours beautifully. It pairs really well with savoury flavours (meatballs etc.), spicy flavours (ginger, pumpkin spice etc.), and even chocolate.

It has roughly the same amount of carbs as almond flour but quite a lot less calories because it has half the fat.