How To: Skillet Pizza

Eating keto doesn't mean you are doomed to a pizza-less existence. There are a lot of options. If you are South African, there's col'cacchio, piza e vino, vovo telos and these are just the ones I can remember right now. If you aren't getting banting takeout in SA, you could make your own cauliflower pizza, fathead pizza, pizza bowl or skillet pizza. There are a lot of ways to get around the pizza issue. Skillet pizza is a quick, easy and amazing way of getting everything a traditional pizza has without the carbs; pizza toppings on a base of fried cheese.

This is not my original recipe, if you google "keto skillet pizza" you will find a lot of different ideas for this recipe... this is a simple step by step for something that is an easy keto meal.

Pizza Sauce

In my opinion, pizza isn't really pizza without a tomato base. I used to put tomato paste on my pizzas but at 19g of carbs per 100g it's way too high. So I started making my own keto version. 

Low Carb Chocolate Mousse

When I started eating low carb, I thought I was being stranded on a dessert-less island. But after I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I started looking at how I could tweak "normal" desserts into keto food. This has kind of turned into a bit of an obsession. I've managed to perfect keto marshmallows, ginger biscuits, brownies, cheesecake, waffles, pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, panna cotta and chocolate mousse. I tried a lot of "keto chocolate mousse" recipes and most of them were too fluffy or just tasted like cocoa powder so I stopped looking at the existing low carb mousse recipes and went back to how you make it normally, with sugar. From there, I experimented a LOT (Husband was happy to eat the "fails") until I figured it out. 

Cucumber Salad

I don't like salad. And having said that... I could live on this stuff. I made this for the first time for Christmas at my parents' house. My mom was a little against the idea of a salad without lettuce (she likes lettuce, I don't)  but as it turns out, it was a winner. The salad has taken on a life of it's own as well, I'm pretty sure keto.ivy lives on this stuff. I made it for family over Easter and my cousins were literally fighting over who got to eat the last of the salad. Three girls, under 14, it was hilarious! If you aren't a fan of salad, give this a try, it might totally change your mind.